Thursday Thirteen #27

I found this extension of the "Lesley needs..." game on Daisy Dexter Dobbs blog the other day and simply had to try it out.

  1. Dreams
    Lesley dreams she’s trapped on a ferry to nowhere, but she doesn’t listen to the dream’s message till forced to by a brain injury.
    A brain injury, eh? I was dropped on my head as a child... Explains a lot, doesn't it? hehehe
  2. Hates
    To say Lesley hates men is like saying Lesley hates chocolate, it is something that could never happen in this universe.
    I concur! I do think men are kinda....difficult at times though. :-D
  3. Loves
    Lesley loves to dance and in 1985 she won the Scottish Disco Dancing Championships.
    Wow at the tender age of five I was winning Disco Contests??? How cool am I?
  4. Travels
    Lesley travels the world presenting workshops that help release past life blocks, and. awaken natural clairvoyant abilities.
    I think I need to take some of my own courses!
  5. Searches
    Lesley searches for understanding in his life as a son and a father.
    If I am a son and a father then i really do need to search for understanding!

  6. Wants
    Lesley wants to find the values of x which make the equation 3x squared = 10x -4 correct.
    *blinks* Um okay! I think I'm going to need some paper for this!
  7. Wishes
    Lesley wishes Godzilla goodnight
    Awww! Nighty Night Godzilla!
  8. Begs
    Lesley begs the group in the bedroom to not say anything.
    Umm...I hope this group isn't in mine bedroom!
  9. Refuses
    Lesley refuses to accept my old bags.
    Well of course I do, silly, only the nicest new bags for me!
  10. Watches
    Lesley watches from another room with the eyes of a reptilian professor, studying the subjects of a vital experiment.
    Wow, I watch very poetically!
  11. Buys
    Lesley buys 16 boxes of cakes.
    Okay, even I couldn't eat that many cakes!
  12. Eats
    lesley eats nothing but chipotle burritos and cosmos pizza
    Well then why did I buy all those cakes???
  13. Writes
    Lesley writes articles about Traveling by Private Jets and more.
    OOOOHhhhhhh the research for that would be fun! Anyone want to invite me on their private jet?


Anonymous said…
Hey, congrats on that Disco Dancing Championship. LOL!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Disco champ? Dude, you are my new hero!
Anonymous said…
Oh, this was such fun, Lesley! I absolutely LOVE doing the Google name game. It keeps me in stitches. At holiday time I do searches for my husband and daughter and then print them out for them to read aloud. It's always hysterical.
Anonymous said…
Disco, huh? That's one you'll be telling the grandkids about! (do you think the real Lesley got pictures?)

Always fun to play with Google. Happy TT, babe!
Anonymous said…
Too funny. Tell us more about these cakes...
Anonymous said…
Who knew there were Scottish Disco Dancing Championships? And that they were having them in 1985? Isn't that about 6 years too late?
Anonymous said…
Disco Champ? Coolness!
Anonymous said…
Highly entertaining, lol. What great fun.

Happy TT
Anonymous said…
That was a fun list. I'll have to try that game.
Anonymous said…
LMAO........ I so have to go do that. I'm gonna post it on myspace, hehe.

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