I Need an Opinon

How long should one wait after the submission of a full, before you start worrying that perhaps it got lost in the shuffle somehow? The company website does not give an indication on fulls but says 12 weeks for queries. I worry that my email, which was being rather tumultuous recently, might have lost it.

I'm sure it is just that they are very busy, but I'm a worrier. I certainly don't want to get labeled one of THOSE writers.

So what do y'all think? How long should I wait before sending a polite inquiry? Thanks for your opinions!!!


I know it's hard, but wait the 12 weeks even if it is for queries. You've had the email saying they have it so just hang on that bit longer.

You're feeling crappy, but if you can, concentrate on another project and it'll push the thought of the full to the back of your mind.

It's hard waiting, but welcome to the world of the author, lol

Of course, if you can find a forum where the editors hang out, you could ask about the possibility of querying??

Good luck with whatever you decide...and with what you find out *grin*
Me said…
Okay, 12 weeks! Blah! That's another three or so. Thanks, Kim! You're my strength! hehehe

I wish I could find a forum where they hang out. I've seen one where they are moderators but like no one posts there... So I'd feel weird. hehehe


I hope you're feeling better!!!
Only 3 weeks, cool.

And yep, thanks, only slightly achy today, lol
Me said…
I'm so glad you're doing better!

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