"No, I did not name my son after the antichrist..."

Okay, so I've never read these Left Behind books, but I hear they're good. They are at least pretty darn popular.

Now since I'd never read any of them, I was in the dark when someone at a party before Nicholai was born asked me what I was going to name him.

Me: Nicholai Alexander.

Lady: Are you naming him after the Nicholai in the Left Behind books?

Me: Oh, there is a Nicholai in those books. I didn't realize that. That's cool.

Lady's husband: Um, yeah, but isn't he the Antichrist?

*stunned silence for a count of ten*

Me: Uh...no...I did NOT name my child after the Antichrist.

Now no one has since asked me this, until today when I was at the doctor. I have a terrible sinus infection. *whines* So I went to the Urgent Care Clinic. It's so much nicer than trying to get in to our real doctor.

Nicky was being particularly difficult, so much so that Bryon ended up having to take him out of the room so I could actually hear what the doc was saying.

The doctor came in and introduced himself and shook Nicky's hand too, and I told him his name was Nicholai because Nicky tends to get all shy when strangers talk to him.

Doctor: Nicholai! What a cool name! How do you spell that?

Me: *Spelling it - Slowly cause my brain isn't fully functional due to the sinus infection. LOL*

Doctor: Oh, is he named after the guy from that series?

Me: Series? Like a tv series?

Doctor: No, it's a book series. What's the name of it...

Me: *suspecting where this was going* You mean the Left Behind series...?

Doctor: Yes! That's the one!

Me: No...No, I did not name my child after the Antichrist.

Bryon: Yeah, if we were going to do that we would have been much more obvious about it. Something like Satan Speller.

Doctor: Or Lucifer Speller!

So, in case there was ever any doubt... I did NOT, in fact, name my child after the Antichrist!

I have a friend whose little boy is named Damien...I wonder if she gets the same thing!


Vixen said…
That is an hysterical story. Satan Speller, lol. My daughter says she is going to name her son (if she ever has one) Damien. My hubs always gives her grief!

I don't know these books-never heard of them. Going to investigate now.
Vixen said…
Ok, I am back. Those books seem a little "crazy"? LOL
Jennifer Shirk said…
Whew! Well, that's a relief to know. LOL!

I have a friend who has a son named Damien, too. Now that's a name you have to wonder about...
Me said…
Vixen: I think you have to be a student of Revelations to really appreciate them. hehehe

Jennifer: I'm so glad I could put everyone's mind at ease. hehehe
Jenn said…
Sinus infections SUCK! What meds did he give you? I'm on round number two, and got a shot in the hip today.

Btw........ Satan Alexander Speller, his initials would have been SAS. hehehe. Or you could just say the hospital misspelled it, and it was supposed to be Santa. LOL
Michelle Cary said…
That's too much. I used to get and still do sometimes the question as to whether I was named after one of the characters from Gilligan's Island (my real name). It used to really get on my nerves, but recently I dyed my hair red, now if I lose about 50 pounds I'd look a lot like her. Then let people ask. Muwhahaha...
Just makes sure he has a sense of humor and when he gets older and people ask him that, watch him mess with them...lol!
Me said…
Jenn: Santa Speller LOL

Michelle: If he is anything like his father (and he is already a carbon copy) he will enjoy messing with people intensely! LOL
Lela said…
Very funny. Who would even ask that? Thanks for stopping by After the Bubbly - how did you find it? It's nice to get to know other area writers. I'd love to know more about what you write! And yes, Pass Your Plate is the new Nirvana.
Me said…
Lela: I know! Who asks things like that??? And if I did name him after the antichrist am I really gonna admit it? LOL I believe I found a link to your blog when I was looking through some writer's groups in the area. I write mostly historical paranormal fantasy romance... I know... Quite the mouthful right? hehe On my homepage I've got some samples of my writing up. Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by!

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