Yes, I am Procrastinating!

I hate writing synopses so I am going to contemplate my next course of action instead of doing it. Muhahaha

I think I'm going to write the two books that have most to do with Blood and Violets next. The question is which one. One of the books is tentatively titled Blood in the Water, and it's about Alexander's brother, Tristan, and a lovely lady from the coast of South Carolina, Caroline. Yes, her Daddy did name her after the state. It was a terribly patriotic time. (Can you be patriotic in regard to your state? Well, at any rate...) The other isn't yet named, but it has to do with Alexander's father, Finn, and quite possibly the spunkiest little horse trainer this side of the Mississippi named Harley. Yes, the name Harley can be either masculine or feminine. Finn had no idea she was a woman when he hired her until she showed up at the airport though... oops! Lucky for him. ;) hehe

I have contemplated both books coming first... I really think I should do Blood in the Water first, because the issues between Finn and Tristan need to be resolved before Finn can really go on to have a healthy relationship. I don't just mean slight issues like daddy Finn didn't give Tristan enough hugs when he was a little boy. I am talking about life destroying issues that ruined the last two hundred years for two lovely people. Don't hate Finn though! *big hugs for Finn* Because he really did think he was doing what was right. And Tristan really does need to take responsibility for his own choices and stop blaming his Daddy for everything.

Okay, I think I've sufficiently convinced myself that I need to write Blood in the Water next. hehe After I finish the rewrites for Blood and Violets, of course. And write the synopsis for Click Yes to Submit so I can...umm...submit it. hehe


Anonymous said…
ok, I tried to be funny and make you a button, but your comment box won't allow an img link... so copy and paste this :P
Anonymous said…
Awww you're so cute! Thanks babe! And thanks for reading it for me. :-D
Anonymous said…
Hi Lesley I enjoy your blog so much! I hope you don't mind that I have tagged you - do it only if you want to though.
Anonymous said…
Good luck on that synopsis. I'm trying to write one, too. Blech.
Anonymous said…
Jennifer: I finished it! Yay! And then sent it off so that I can further have the publishers of the world crush my ego. hehehe

Lesley: Thanks so much! Course I don't mind. I'm going to try to do it tonight. :-D

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