OMG The Cuteness!

When I got home from work it was raining, and no one had come and unlocked the door for me so I got a little wet coming in the back door. Nicky came over to tell me hi and give me a kiss and when he saw the water all over my arms this conversation took place.

Nicky: Mama's got water on her.
Me: Yeap. Mama's wet.
Nicky: Mama's wet from the rain?
Me: Yeap, the rain got me all wet!
Nicky: It's okay, Mama. I'll clean you up!

After which he proceeded to try to wipe all the rain off my arms. I mean how freaking cute is that???!!!


Vixn said…
So darn cute he should be mine. You will be busy with the new one, so just air mail him.
Jenn said…
Aren't you glad you blogged that? Now you'll have a reminder of his cuteness when he's being a terror, hehehe. Or when he and Bryon are doing competitive head bashing on the bathroom door.....
Me said…
Vixen: LOL You'd send him back after five minutes I promise. ;) (See Jenn's comment below) LOL

Jenn: Why is competitive head bashing amusing? Why? They are just the strangest boys!!! Or maybe they are just boys... Oh lord and they're going to have a partner in crime soon. LMAO

Jennifer: Hehe Ain't it just? :-D
Jenn said…
In regards to your comment to Vixen... I was going to say that you can't airmail him, because I'd steal him first. And THEN reality set in and I remembered the head bashing incident, LOL. I've witnessed it, remember? :)

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