He's so cute!


Dianna said…
What a precious boy.
I am adding you to my blogroll!! yay!
Me said…
Thanks, babe!
I'm adding you to mine too!
He's absolutely adorable, Lesley! :-D

Just read your post about the "Not Always Right" blog. Very clever! Glad you posted that link. :-)
Me said…
Thanks, Daisy!

I just love that Not Always Right Blog! I've almost read all of them now. LOL
Vixen said…
They do that ya know. Be all cute to make up for those obnoxious moments. And it works, darn them.
Me said…
Vixen: That they do! It's like they know we can't resist them when they're being all cuddly!
Jennifer Shirk said…
He's not cute--he's gorgeous!
Me said…
Jennifer: hehe He gets that from his daddy, from which he also inherited most of the aspects of his personality that make me wanna toss him across the room at times. LOL Not that I don't love and adore them both. hehehe
Jenn said…
Yes, adorable :)

p.s. I think the haircut looks good now :)
Me said…
Jenn: It sticks straight up now like he came straight out of Peter Pan! *giggles* I need to get a picture of it doing that!

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