Ever feel like a bad Parent?

I do today because every single thing my child does is getting on my nerves!

I mean I love him dearly of course, and I'm sure it's just pregnancy hormones and lack of sleep (because he decided to wake up at 2:30 AM and not go back to sleep until 9 AM, when I hadn't even gotten to sleep until like one anyway) but OMG he's obnoxious today!

And I feel bad for feeling this way, because I'm usually much more tolerant of his antics!


Vixen said…
In answer to the question in the title. YES.

Don't feel bad. Even me (the most perfect person/grandparent on the planet) sometimes just gets annoyed with Ladybug. It happens and you have a very good REASON in your belly.
Me said…
hehe I was even assured when my hubby got home that it wasn't just me! He was being exceptionally obnoxious!
Jenn said…
What a crazy kiddo. I can't believe you stayed up with him all that time. I crashed at like 5:30 or so, and you were sooo tired already.

I think you're a wonderful parent! And I would imagine it's perfectly natural to be irritated at them from time to time :D I know that I get that way with friends/family/co-workers sometimes :)
Me said…
Jenn: Aww Thanks sweetie! I'll just drop him off at your house next time he's being obnoxious. ;)
Jenn said…
You can drop him off when he's awake at 2am :) I'll be awake then, and then you can sleep!

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