Baby Update

Blood Pressure was awesome, and I'm not spilling protein at all so yay for that!

She is a little concerned that he might be huge though...

She asked me when I thought I'd have him, and I said the sooner the better. So then she checked his heartbeat like they always do and she found it above my belly button. Like well above.

So she said it seemed unlikely that he was low enough that anything would be happening soon. But his head is definitely good and down there. So the fact that his heartbeat is so high up and his head is so low makes her think that he might be a big ol' chunk of boy. If I haven't had him before next week they are going to do an ultrasound to try to gauge his size.

So I told this to my husband and asked him if he knew how big he was when he was born, and he says to me..."I think my Mom said 5.6 Kilos."

So my immediate reaction was OMG!!!!!!!!! Then I plugged it into Google calculator to get it in pounds (12.3) and my reaction was OMFG!!!!!!!!!

Then I made him call his mother and verify this fact.

This fact was WAY OFF!

He weighed 7 lbs at a week past his due date!

I also wasn't huge at 7.5 lbs 2 weeks before my due date.

And I've had no signs of gestational diabetes or anything so now I'm not too concerned about him being huge. I guess if he doesn't get here before next week then we'll have a good estimate with the ultrasound.

Nicky was tiny! Only 5 lbs 15 oz, but that was because of the pre-eclampsia and since there has been no sign of it this time hopefully this little one is going to be a bit chubbier, just not huge!

I've decided when I go to the hospital I will have a code phrase that will appear in my Twitter updates to the right. If you've seen Juno, I think you'll appreciate it.

The code is:

Thundercats are GOOOoooo!


Anonymous said…
My son was 9 lb 15oz, but I had gestational diabetes. He was two weeks early.

I wish that upon no one or their tailbone (mine broke and still bothers me to this day!)

Why or why can't I find you on twitter? Follow me so I can follow you. Mine is ladybugsgrama

Keep up the excellent gestational work :)
Anonymous said…
OMG You poor thing! That's a big little guy!

I added ya Vixen!
Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness, Lesley, your eyes must have bugged when your husband said he weighed in at more than 12-pounds! Yikes!

My daughter was 7 lbs/12 oz and that was plenty big enough! LOL

I wish you a speedy and delightfully uneventful delivery, my friend! :-)
Anonymous said…
12 lbs? Men! What do they know? LOL!

They say each baby you have gets a little bigger, but since Nicky was small, I can't imagine this one getting TOO big. (Hopefully) :)
Anonymous said…
Daisy: They did! They bugged right outta my head and I thought I was gonna die for sure! LOL Thanks! BTW I'm reading Just Like a Dame right now and loving it! :-D

Jennifer: Yeah, that's what I'm thinking too. This little dude seems to be a lot healthier and more active than Nicky did in the belly and I'm so grateful for that, but I just can't imagine that he is insanely large!

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