Yay for Good Blood Pressure!

My blood pressure is still good! Yay! Last time it jumped at 33 weeks, but at least so far it's still good. :-D I'm retaining water like NUTS, but I think that has more to do with the weather than anything else. Last time my ankles looked like they belonged to an elephant. This time my major irritation has been that my fingers are swelling and it feels like I'm trying to type with vienna sausages!

But I'll take that over high blood pressure and reduced liver and kidney function any day. :-D


Anonymous said…
I hope you are still letting the chocolate take the credit?
Anonymous said…
perhaps..... ice cream for reducing swelling??? Think about it. When you get bruised, you put ice on it to reduce the swelling, hehehe. Maybe some of the 100% juice popsicles :) :)
Anonymous said…
Vixen: Well of course!

Jenn: Oh I got an Ice Shaver and have been enjoying some yummy snow cones. ;) I'm thinking of getting one of those big bottles of Pina Colada mix. You know the one's without the alcohol. Think that would work for pina colada snow cones? Mmmmmm
Anonymous said…
Oh yeah, I forgot about the snow cones, LOL. That works too, hehehe. I have one of those mix bottles, but it might be too concentrated. Try mixing it with a little sprite or ginger ale.
Anonymous said…
Or mix with pineapple juice, that would keep with the pina colada flavor :) I knew there was something I was forgetting.

Btw, a friend of mine mixes pineapple juice instead of rum to make pina coladas for her son. If you're just dying for one :)

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