Okay! That's it! I'm done!

Moonlight Canceled

I will no longer be watching any new series. That's it. I'm done. I'll watch the couple I watch now, which are Lost and Heroes as I'm not afraid they'll be canceled, but the networks are obviously run by a bunch of *CENSORED* who wouldn't know quality if it came with People's Choice awards and encased in a giant Belgian chocolate bunny!

Seriously!!!!!! Why are they so lame????? Why would you cancel something that won a freakin' People's Choice award???

The only thing I can figure is that they want to manipulate what people like instead of making booty loads of money by catering to it. If I were a stockholder of CBS I'd sell and run screaming the other direction. Why is there nothing decent to watch on television? And if something good slips through why the heck do they have to squash it like a bug!? WHY??? Do you not want to make money? Is that the problem? Cause OMG what is wrong with making tons of money by giving people quality entertainment with awesome story lines and beautiful dialog.

I honestly think that a lot of the television that is put forth is only contributing to the dumbing down of America. Moonlight wasn't once of these! It had witty writing that referenced things that are incredibly amusing to our generation.

Why? Why? Why???????


Vixen said…
Yessum. As in ditto. Me too!
Me said…
*grumbles about dumbos who get to make the decisions without consulting us important people the consumers*

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