What I don't know about car repair...

...could fill a ... uh well car repair manual! LOL

So the car has been making a terrible noise when you turn left for quite some time, and I've been putting off getting it fixed because it's SOOO hard to get it anywhere when you only have one vehicle. Well we've got the scooter too, but my hubby seems to have some aversion to riding it and since I'm in the family way there's no way I'm going to get on it. Not that I don't love it!!! Cause I do!!! It's just not exactly a family vehicle. If it was I'd be on it every single day! 100 miles a gallon! 100 miles a gallon!!!

Well I took the car last Saturday to finally get it looked at, but I guess I didn't take it early enough because they didn't have time to do the work that day. It needs a new ball joint on the drivers side and the tires need aligned. I also got it serviced, and they do a maintenance check when they do that.

I didn't look at the little form with the smiley faces and frowny faces when I was there, because I kinda figured they'd tell me if they found something wrong other than what I was asking them to look at, but I guess they don't want to pressure you.

Well I got home and there was a frowny face next to something called the PCV Breather. *blinks* I had no idea what a pcv was much less that it needed to breathe! ;) So I've been learning about that this morning.

I have to take it back in the morning to get the other stuff fixed, and I'll ask them about replacing this too. It also said they suggest I change my fuel filter ... I just had it changed back in November. So the only thing I can figure is maybe the problem with the other thing made it get dirty faster. I guess I'll ask them about that too!

Cars are a pain. I really want to get an old one and learn to work on it, but I'm just not brave enough to do anything to this one as it's our ONLY car! We are planning on getting another soon. That's why we're trying to get everything all fixed up on this one so we'll actually have two working cars! Yay!

And nobody better say anything like, "You could take the bus or train and conserve energy like a good little green girl!" Because trust me if that were an option I would love to! We don't have public transit here. Ah the joys of rural living. :-D And we're not even very rural!!!


Anonymous said…
Car repairs suck.

100 miles to the gallon???? I must run off and steal a scooter now.
Anonymous said…
That they do! But at least their done and I don't have to worry about them anymore. whew!

Yup, my Honda Metropolitan gets 100 mpg! Isn't that awesome? I used to ride it everyday back in the days before I had the kiddo to drive around and let me tell you it realllly saves money on gas! And that was when gas was only like 2 bucks a gallon!

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