8 meals in 2.5 hours? Wow, I rock!

Okay, so I'm trying to stock up on food for after the wee one is born when I'll be WAY too dang tired to cook. Not that I'm not already way too tired to cook, but somehow I managed. hehe

First I started almost an entire bag of frozen chicken boiling, and while it was doing its thing I cut up enough veggies for 3 nights worth of fajitas. So I guess I didn't entirely finish those meals as I need to get some more chicken to cut up and mix with seasoning and freeze to go in the bags with them. But most of the hard work is done.

So when I was done with that the chicken was finished boiling so I tore it up to add to the enchiladas that I then made. Five days worth if you include tonight.

So I have seven meals worth of food in the freezer and one ready to go tonight. Yay!

Hubby is also bringing home the chicken I need for the fajitas and the taco seasoning and huge thing of hamburger meat that I'm going to make tomorrow to freeze so I'll have taco meat prepared that I can just pop in the microwave. Can you tell we like Mexican? :-D

I ordered this book too after Lisha suggested it to me and then I browsed it at her house. So I'm hoping it will give me some more fabulous ideas for freezing. :-D


Anonymous said…
If you really eat that much chicken, I'll pick you up a $10 box of the extras when I can squeeze it into my freezer, lol. Do you want some wings? They're good, but I'm soooo over cutting them apart, lol.

I need to get off my lazy butt and cook some of the chicken in my freezer. Actually, I did cook some tonight, but it's some that I took out like several days ago and had thawed in the fridge.

So umm..... if you guys ever get up this far and I'm home, come raid my freezer of chicken :P I don't have room for my ice cream!

Yeah, yeah, this should go in an email and not take up a mile of your comment room, but I'm at that point that I really need to go to sleep, but I'm looking for anything else to keep me awake. Like checking your blog, checking your flickr page, Angie's flickr, Lisha's flickr, my email for the fourth time. ok, stopping now! Love you! :)

-Jenn the chatterbox
Anonymous said…
ok, fine, I just checked your flickr and HAD to come back, and I wanted to tell you that my beach in a box is on top of my TV :P
Anonymous said…
Jenn: I'm kinda creeped out by bones! LOL I think it's the fact that I'm being reminded of the face that I'm eating something that was once walking around clucking. hehehe Thanks though! Love you too! And when are you going to come play wii fit with me?

Hehe Lishy and I have our beaches on our desk at work. It's the only place the toddlers don't get them!
Anonymous said…
I haven't forgotten about Wii Fit! I just haven't had time. My schedule sucks right now. Am headed to work in about 15 minutes, Saturdays SUCK.

And the princess b**** I work with is conveniently sick again while our boss is on vacation. So she wasn't there yesterday or today. It's just me and the guys in charge, muhahaha.

I would much rather play Wii Fit with you :(

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