My Child is Silly!

Nicky seems to be under the impression that he is the boss in our house. While he is in many ways, his newest form of manipulation isn't working so well for him.

This conversation takes place on a regular basis...

Nicky: I wanna play Dada's Game! (Dada game is Nicky code for Megaman on the Playstation)

Me: Not right now. Go play with your...*insert any number of fun toys*

Nicky: I said, "I wanna play Dada's Game!"

Me: Tough.

Nicky: I said, "No Tough!"

I dunno where he gets this stuff! LOL


Anonymous said…
So cute.

No on to the meat of my comment. I made you (well not you, really it's for Finn) a present. Can you email me your address? Or if you are afraid of me the addy of the closest prison and I will mail it there for pick up.

(Man I crack myself up).
Anonymous said…
I live one block over from the Police Department, send her that address if you want, lol.

My 3 yr old nephew explains to everyone that my bed is at the police station since I used that building to explain to him where I live. He pointed it out when he saw police cars there are they drove by, so he remembers where it is, and I now live there according to him.
Anonymous said…
Vixen: Aww you're so sweet! Thanks! I emailed you.

Jenn: Hehe Your bed's in the police station, eh? Well aren't you naughty!

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