Gift Registries: Tacky or Practical?

On the pregnancy forum I frequent, people were talking about how much they hated registries and thought they were tacky and selfish...

I don't get this... I wish everyone would have a registry and or wish list where I could see it so that I would have an idea of what to get them when I need or want to get them a gift! I don't like giving gift certificates and money. It just feels immpersonal to me. On the other hand, sometimes you want to get a gift for say your cousin who is getting married or having a baby, and he is the guy in the relationship and lets face it most guys don't get a say in decorating the house. ;) You might not have ever met the girl he's marrying so what on earth do you just randomly pick out if there isn't a registry? Or you know that your friend is having a baby, but you have no idea what their parenting style is or what they might have already gotten as a gift. Here again registries are totally handy.

And just because someone has a registry that doesn't mean you're not allowed to get them whatever the heck you wanna get them. Or not get them anything at all! I mean if you feel like you have to get me a gift then just for heaven's sake don't! I don't want gifts that someone feels obliged to give. That just makes me uncomfortable.

So what do you think? Registries: Tacky or Practical?


projectmommy said…
Registries are very pratical, I think! I would have no clue what to get anyone I know if it weren't for them. Plus whenever I made them it saved me a lot of time. Becuase instead of lugging my pregnant butt around to five different stores returning the 72 diaper bags I got I stayed at home and crossed off all my items from my "baby needs" list!
Jenn said…
Registries ROCK!

I have eclectic tastes and I know not everyone shares that. I'd rather have a guide to use to make sure that what I'm getting won't be returned. No one needs the hassles of dealing with returns.
Me said…
Well thank goodness! And see I thought I was being tacky for a minute there when I just thought I was being helpful! I knew I could count on y'all to set me straight. :-D
Jennifer Shirk said…
Very useful. I'd rather get someone something they really need.

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