Thursday Thirteen #50

13 Bits of Random Stuff

  1. Today is 37 days from Baby Finn's due date.
  2. I'm hoping he decides to come on July 4th though, even though as Jenn pointed out I won't be able to see fireworks.
  3. I can't really picture myself enjoying sitting out in the heat to enjoy the fireworks 9 months prego anyway, but maybe it'll be nice and cool.
  4. I wanna go swimming!
  5. Maybe I'll insist that we go to Steel Creek this weekend and go swimming.
  6. Or maybe I'll just insist on going to the Aquatic Park down the road.
  7. I wish I could stop sneezing!
  8. I finished packing up my hospital bag this week. Go me!
  9. Today I'm making a giant thing of taco meat to freeze in meal size portions for after Finn gets here.
  10. I want a pedicure. I should find someplace that does them.
  11. I also want a frappuccino from Starbucks.
  12. Nicky looked at me like I was completely batty when I told him that Baby Finn would come out of Mommy's tummy to play soon.
  13. *sighs* Soon however is somewhat relative.


Anonymous said…
Oooooooh.......... I wanna go to Steel Creek! But mom's birthday is tomorrow, and Father's Day is Sunday, so I'll be spending all weekend with my parents. And next weekend is another camping trip.

Have fun if you do go, I haven't been in ages and ages!
Anonymous said…
ONLY 37 DAYS!!! Woo hoo.

It would be so cool to have a kid on July 4th. For the first couple of years you could convince him you put on a big fireworks show just for him!

Stay cool!
Anonymous said…
Soon IS relative, but you WILL get there. I promise. My kids were born in August and September -- summer babies are the best 'cause you can be outside with them early on and go for walks and all sorts of fun things that'll help you get back into shape faster.

37 days. No sweat. You can do it!
Anonymous said…
Jenn: We'll see if I can talk my hubby into it. Have fun with your Parental Units. ;)

Vixen: That's just what I was thinking! Nicky was born on the the crown prince of Denmark's birthday so there is a big party there every year for him. hehe

Susan: Oh lord, August? And I thought July was bad!
Anonymous said…
*grumbles and growls and pouts* We freakin have to work Saturday. Grrrrrrrrrr
Anonymous said…
You definitely need to treat yourself to a pedicure, woman!
Anonymous said…
so I was that there are only 36 days left you probably need some distraction.

So I tagged ya.

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