Just Join in the Love Fest

I was tagged by Vixen to do this one. :-D

The rules: Write a blog entry with 10 weird, random, facts, habits or goals about yourself.

1. I have to check the stove before I leave the house to make sure that it's off...even if it hasn't been on all day...
2. I have no idea how many cats I've owned in my life time, but I only have one right now and she is quite possibly the craziest cat on earth.
3. Right now there is a television show playing on my tv that seems to be about Pinatas...very odd.
4. I have never tried nor have I ever been interested in trying any illegal drugs. Why mention this now? Because this pinata show could easily have been inspired by someone's drug trip.
5. There is a small thimble collection hanging on my wall that belonged to my Granny. It was only a tiny fraction of her collection, which could have probably been used to open a thimble museum.
6. My child is obsessed with tree frogs. I think it has something to do with Go Diego Go!
7. My fingers feel like sausages right now! I hate swelling! It's so annoying.
8. I'm annoyed with my doctor's office. I said I needed an appointment on Monday. She told me it was Monday. She circled the Monday on the card. I didn't look at the date. It was in fact for Tuesday. *growls* So I left work for nothing and tomorrow I get to go again.
9. I've got my hospital bag mostly packed. Go me!
10. I took an hour long nap today, and I could still go to sleep right now!


Vixen said…
I am with you on the no drugs thing, which made me quite stand out in my 'group'. But I will have to say, having grown up in the 60s, if the Boobah's wasn't written by someone on an acid trip then I am crazy.
Jenn said…

Did you check the iron???????
Jennifer Shirk said…
I'm with you on 1 and 4.

But I also double check the coffee pot, too. (Drives my hubby nutso)
Me said…
Vixen: OMG That Boobah Show! It's truly crazy! Apparently that new show on Nick Yo Yo Gabah or whatever it's called is what those you are young and into such things get high too... Personally I would imagine that would cause some SERIOUS nightmares!

Jenn: Shut up, Jenn! LOL Actually that is why I no longer iron! That and I passionately hate it!

Jennifer: Oh! I bought an automatically turning off coffee pot. Well I didn't buy it. I got it from Gevalia, but with the way they stick it to you on the price of coffee I probably could have bought it for cheaper. hehe
Jenn said…
I still love you anyway :)

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