I was tagged by Vixen at Vixen's Den for this.

The Rules:

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* Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
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My Quirks:

1. I can remember the words to songs from ads I saw when I was 4, but for some reason I can't remember lines from a play to save my life.
2. My pink walls of my living room/kitchen/dining room have deer horns hanging on them.
3. I'd much rather be fishing or swimming.
4. I am incapable of taking a nap unless I'm horribly ill or pregnant.
5. I'm bilingual: English and Danish (pretty much useless unless you live there).
6. I, like Vixen, am also one of those people with the second toe longer than the big toe. That means I rule my house, didn't you know?


Anonymous said…
*giggles about #2*
Anonymous said…
Not only do we rule the house, but I hear it supposedly makes us able to run faster.
Anonymous said…
Jenn: Well they do! LOL

VIxen: I did not know that! Not that anticipating running anytime in the near future. Or maybe like ever... hehe

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