Birth Beads

Okay, this isn't the traditional way of making a birth bead necklace, but it's purty!

Normally you get together in a group and exchange beads and everyone says a prayer or blessing (in their particular faith) over the beads they send to everyone else. Then you put your necklace together and use it as a focus during labor.

Well I didn't sign up for the birth bead exchange when they were doing it so I just went and bought my own stuff. hehe

I got two sets of blue beads one light and one dark and two charms. One is a bear to stand for Nicky and one is a Puppy to stand for baby Finn. Then I put it all together. I used a double ring on the charms so that I can easily remove them from the necklace to just leave the beads. Then when I have my third and final munchkin I can reuse the same charms for that necklace and won't have to restring the beads of this one, because they are just gorgeous and will look great with blue jeans.

I know the picture is just awful! I'm completely incapable of taking a decent picture of jewelery for some reason. I tried like 15 times, and this was the best I could do.


Vixen said…
It is very pretty. You did a great job.
Me said…
Thanks, Vixen!

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