Absolutely Perfect Weather or the Unknown Laws of Baby Physics

It is a breezy 72 degrees, and I'm sitting under the canopy of my swing in the backyard watching the munchkins play. It's just lovely!

This morning was sooooo coooooold! Okay, it was 58 but that seems freeeeeeeeeezing after the hot weather we've been having. My hummingbirds are angry with me cause their feeder is empty. They keep buzzing me and looking at the feeder.

Now because the I am trying to watch the tots, it is inevitable that they are going to go to the opposite side of the shed from where I am sitting, thus obscuring my view of them. When I then move to the canopy on the other side and sit down, they will immediately run back to the other side by the swing. It's physics, folks! You can't fight physics.


Anonymous said…
58 degrees qualifies as winter for me, thank you very much! And yes, of course the babies are going to move out of your line of sight. This is part of the drivin' you crazy campaign.
Anonymous said…
LOL! How true it is. :)
Anonymous said…
Jenna: I think his daddy is leading the campaign and Kaida is picking up all the lessons in torment from Nicky! Silly babies!

Jennifer: This is what I'm saying! :-D hehehe
Anonymous said…
I miss you already :(

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