Happy Birthday to Me!

Wow, that's a self-absorbed title. hehe But it is my birthday so :p

I got a great present from my best friend!

Today we're going to eat lasagna and friends are coming over for dinner, and I'm having an ice cream cake. Other than that, I dunno what we're up to. Yesterday we went to the zoo and to an adorable little town not far away called Dragoer. All the buildings were OLD and had thatched roofs, and the roads were barely wide enough for one carriage. It was adorable. Nicky's favorite part of the zoo was the petting zoo where he got to cuddle a goat. That just made his day.

Well, I'm off!


Jennifer Shirk said…
Aww. Have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
spyscribbler said…
Happy Birthday, Lesley!

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