Something Seems Off...

I was hoping that when I got back from vacation I'd be able to plunge back in to Blood and Violets, but something just doesn't feel right about it. I'm not sure what it is...

I guess most of the stuff I write is far more paranormal than romance, and this is feeling more romance than paranormal. I'm also suffering from some serious rejection induced lack of confidence.

Should I just keep trudging forward and hope I can make it right in the rewrites? Or scrap it for the moment and work on one of my other W'sIP?

The good thing about Blood and Violets is that though it does vaguely reference some of the characters in the Women of Sithein books, it isn't enhanced by having already read them. So it is truly a stand alone. A lot of my other W'sIP would be much more fun if you knew the back story for the characters which is provided in the WoS books. However, if I'm never going to get anything but rejections for them, should I really waste my time working on other books that rely on them?

Do I even care if they're ever published?

Of course, I care. I need to feel a little love too!

Do I enjoy writing them even though they aren't published and might never be?

Of course, I do.

Am I done whining?

Of course, I am.


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