Hi! I'm Lesley, and I have a "That" Problem

What the heck is she talking about? I hear you say.

Well, the word "that" of course. I use it too darn much!

Every evening I start my writing by reading what I wrote the night before, and inevitably I have to delete at least five that's.

Why then, Lesley, don't you just not write them?

That's a very good question, my friends. I wish I knew. I try to hold back, but those sneaky little that's just make their way into my writing, where they are absolutely unnecessary.

...she doubted THAT she was dreaming.

Now wouldn't "she doubted she was dreaming" be much more eloquent. Of course, it would!

*slaps hand* Be good you naughty fingers! Only use that's where they are actually necessary!


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