My Son the Locksmith!

Okay, maybe locksmith is a slight exaggeration.

Here's how it went down...

So we've been fighting with that stopped up drain and finally realized there was no way were were going to get it unstopped. So today I called Rotorooter. The guy was here fast! He got it unstopped in like two minutes, and I walked out onto the porch to ask him how much. He was back in his car filling out paperwork so I turned around to go back inside because I was barefoot.

But SOMEONE had locked the door. Someone being my little bear!

So I ran down the stairs and asked the nice rotorooter man to let me use his cellphone. Called both hubby's cellphones and his office phone and no luck. He must have been in a meeting. I called the Help Desk to ask them if they could get ahold of him for me, but I must have gotten
a bad connection cause all they said was "Hello? Hello?" Then hung up... Oy...

So I ran around the house and peeked in, Nicky is sitting there chilling with a box of graham crackers that he stole off the counter watching Wonder Pets. *shakes fist* So I tried all the windows. Most of them I couldn't even get the screen off of. Then I tried to pry one open with a garden spade. No go. All I managed to do was bend the spade. Well, at least I know my house is well secured.

This whole time my darling boy is walking over giggling at me and making faces.

So I finally squeal in frustration and tell him to go unlock the dang door. Actually there were probably some more choice words than that. Then I go around to check one more time before I am going to shatter the glass on one of the windows. Well apparently Nicky followed directions for the first time ever! Because the door was unlocked.

Did I mention I'm sick! I've been sick all the long weekend and am still sick. I shouldn't have to be running around all over creation barefoot when I'm sick! *whines*

Oh well, it all turned out all right in the end. The plumber didn't cost my life savings, and I managed to get back in the house before Nicky hurt himself and without breaking any windows.


Jennifer Shirk said…
Too funny! I would have been frantic if I was locked out.

Hope you feel better soon.
Me said…
Oh I was in a panic! Let me tell you! I'm actually finally feeling better. Thanks!
Grandma said…
Tell that grandson of mine to STOP picking on his poor, sick Mommy, or Grandma will have to come tickle him to pieces!!!
Jenn said…
And you now have a spare key hidden away somewhere????
Me said…
Grandma: I told him...He didn't seem scared...hehehe

Jenn: Well you see I used to have one hidden, but someone took it out and didn't put it back! I'm going to have to get a new one.

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