Obnoxious Toddler Antics

There are several involved here so let me start with the most recent.

We were just up having tea and rum balls. Nicky was sleeping downstairs, and I was listening carefully for him to start crying. Well I heard something, but it wasn't crying. It was a tiny munchkin talking, and I thought, hmm that's odd. So I ran to the stairs, and I see my little boy half asleep crawling up the last step. Now these aren't your usual steps. They are evil, scary steps. I'll have to take a picture and add it later. These steps scare me and I'm 28 years old! Apparently they don't phase my two year old, however. At least he didn't fall, and he went right back to sleep.

That brings me to my next story of toddler angst. We went to Tivoli Gardens today. It's an amusement park in the middle of Copenhagen. He had a blast riding in the miniature cars and miniature planes with his grandmother. Well, we decided to eat at Valhal which is a viking restaurant. Hmm...the next book I'm working on has a viking I wonder if I could call it research... Anyway, my child REFUSED to have anything to do with sitting in his seat and eating his dinner! He would not stop screaming. We actually drove a mother and her two daughters outside! Well I obviously didn't let this go on long, and we ended up having to take turns eating while the other let Nicky run around outside like the little mad man that he is. It was so incredibly embarrassing!

Here is my last complaint. We went to Fredericksborg Castle. It was absolutely gorgeous! There is a lovely baroque garden in the back, and I always say if it's not baroque, don't fix it! I know! I know! I've seen Beauty and the Beast one too many times! My son was absolutely impossible there! He seemed to find it terribly amusing to drag his feet behind him if his daddy and I held his hands. Every single time I took him he only wanted down and if he didn't get down then he screeched like a mad man. Bryon was very sweet. He kept the little demon occupied so that I could see the castle since he'd already seen it.

All and all he's been a very understanding little munchkin, but sometimes he is just downright obnoxious! I think it's those terrible twos!

We also went out with Hector and Nina last night. That was fun. We saw Rush Hour 3! It was hilarious! And we got to see their new apartment, which is lovely and going to be even lovelier because they bought the apartment next door and they're going to knock down a wall to make it into one big one.


Jennifer Shirk said…
Hehehe. I the evil side of me LOVES to hear other moms going through their child battles.

I would have loved seeing the castles. (And Rush HOur 3!!!)

I'm jealous. :)
Me said…
:-P hehehe

Both the castles and Rush Hour 3 were tons of fun!

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