I've never been big on horoscopes, but a friend at work pointed this site out to me. The astrologer there does monthly horoscopes. So I read mine with some skepticism, and it was eerily spot on ALL month! So I've been patiently waiting for this months new one, hoping for a better month than last. We're traveling. I've got a submission and a couple of contest entries out. It's my birthday the 20th. And dang it after last month, I deserve a little freakin' respite!

So this morning I logged on to check this months horoscope and amongst the many gems which include lots of angst with someone close to me, lots of change (from the eclipse), and perhaps some money at the end of the month (Heck yeah!), I found this...

"There are lots of possibilities. You may publish a book or launch an artistic creative project. You may be offered an important new career position or change residences, perhaps by buying or selling a house / condo."

Now, I'm telling you, I'm not so interested in moving and I like my job (wouldn't mind a nice raise, of course), but hell yeah I'd take that "publish a book" one!

So anyway I enjoyed that, and thought I would share. :-D I hope my month really is good and that everyone else's is too!



Anonymous said…
Sometimes I swear those things are erriely accurate. I love going back after the month/day is over and looking at it to see how the cryptic message ended up fitting into my life.
Anonymous said…
I checked my horopscope there at the end of August and yes, a couple of the things it said were spot-on! I'm hoping it's as accurate for September as it forceast some nice things for me...
Anonymous said…
Michelle: Isn't that fun? Of course, some of them are so general that you can go to any sign and find similarities to your month. LOL But this one was really excellent!

K8: Woohoo! I hope you get all your nice things! :-D

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