The Royal Guard Incident

Remember I said we went to see the guards at the queen's castle?

I had this picture in my mind of Nicky standing up next to the guard all cute while I took a lovely snap shot. His daddy was one of the Queen's Guard, and yes, he did wear the nutcracker outfit. No, unfortunately, I don't have pictures. :-( His Mom said she did though. We shall see if I can procure one.

Well the adorable picture in my mind wasn't quite the way it went down.

We parked and walked to Amalienborg. Nicky seemed happy enough until his Daddy took him over to stand near the guard.

Note the look of pure terror and the clinging to his father's hand. He did NOT want to be put down near the strange man with the grumpy look on his face and the giant furry head. After three attempts to make him sit down on the ground (I dunno why hubby thought that was a good idea), this is what took place.

You might notice that Nicky seems blurry... That would be because he was sprinting away from the guard as fast as his tiny little feet would carry him! Poor baby!

So I grabbed him and snuggled him and turned around to see my husband. (Yes, sweetie, of course I'm going to mention this.) As I said my husband was one of these guards. He was in fact a Sargent so he got to boss these guys around. Well when I turn around, I see my husband with his feet shoulder width apart, shoulders squared, and hands clasped behind his back, a la Sargent surveying his men. I guess watching this guy must have set off something that had been drilled into his brain. Of course, I have teased him mercilessly about it ever since.

I didn't get my dream shot, but maybe next time we go visit. He's still pretty darn cute!


Jenn said…
still cute pictures!!!!!!!
Jennifer Shirk said…
That was good picture anyway!

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