Doh! No Thursday 13 Today!

Okay, I actually could have done a Thursday 13, and I in fact had one written out. It was 13 Things Lesley Hopes She Doesn't Say on Her Trip to Denmark. It was witty, darn it! You guys would have laughed your booties off, but alas I have somehow managed to lose it, and I'm feeling far from witty this evening. I'm feeling downright frazzled!

I just have one suggestion for all of y'all out there who are married to people with serious control freak tendencies. Don't make fun of them about their obsessive compulsive list making! Or fuss at them because they are stressed!!! Cause guess what? That makes them even more stressed and causes breakdowns!!! Okay, that is two, but they are two very good suggestions! They may just save your marriage one day.

Say things like....

It's all right, honey. I've got everything packed.

Yes, let's be sure to be there two hours early for the flight, so we don't have to get stressed about going through security.

Don't worry, darling, I will get up and take the dogs to the kennel and come back with donuts and coffee for you to eat in bed.

Heck, this could practically qualify for a Thursday 13 itself!

Well anyway! I'm off to see what's really rotten in the state of Denmark! Y'all don't have too much fun without me!


Anonymous said…
have a great time and dang it - no TT.
take mucho lots of pics.
Anonymous said…
Have a great trip!

(And I'm the anal, obsessive one here!)
Anonymous said…
Enjoy your trip!
Anonymous said…
ok, the I miss you already post was supposed to go here! I came to post a p.s. and discovered it landed over yonder........ so anyways....

p.s. I make lists too when I take a trip! But considering how long your trip is, you have every right to make a long list. Is Bryon one of those men that thinks women are beautiful when they're angry??? (that's just so wrong). Love you!

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