Requested Pictures: Pink Hair and "New" Purse

Lishy took these lovely pictures of my hair this afternoon. :-D

Nicky was very helpful during the photo shoot. :-D

Suuuuch a cutie!!!
Okay, he wasn't requested but now can anyone say no to that face.
And here is my purse! I should have done a before picture. Just think stained khaki and you've got a very good idea of what it looked like. hehe


Jennifer Shirk said…

And yes, your son IS a cutie pie. :)
Me said…
Thanks! I'm rather proud of both of them. The son and the purse. hehehehe
Jenn said…
The purse turned out perfect!

I miss the little ones :( We need another group dinner, hehe. And Lish needs to post more pictures, lol.
The pink's more subtle than I was expecting. (really. My base color is darker than yours and the pink was brighter. You can imagine the contrast!)

The son's adorable, the purse is great -- and you, my dear, are simply gorgeous!
Me said…
Jenn: Sounds like a plan! Weren't you planning a luau? How about right after I get back? ;)

Susan: It's actually faded just a bit from when I did it, and it's virtually impossible to catch the real color on camera. It's very near the color of the purse but more pink less wine. hehe

And...Awwwwwwwwww....Thanks! *blushes*

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