Attack of the Killer Swans

We went to a place called Fjord og Baelte yesterday on the island of Fyn. It was a lovely drive. The old farms on Fyn with their adorable thatched roofs were lots of fun to see. The weather was great. It did rain just a bit on the way home, but if it had to rain that was a good time for it. The temparture has been hoovering around 60 degrees most days and getting colder at night.

It was fun. They had porpoises and seals there, and apparently they have the first porpoise of that kind ever born in captivity. It was an itty bitty guy. Pretty darn cute.

Today we had to go to the bank, because apparently the Danes don't want Americans money. No, I don't mean I tried to pay with dollars. I tried to buy things with my visa card, and unless you have a chip and a pin code then they want nothing to do with you. Such a pain! I hadn't brought much cash because I was afraid of losing it. So I was kinda worried, but I just wrote my mother-in-law a check, and she got the cash out for me so we're all good now.

Bryon got a new passport. Well he ordered one anyway, it should be here soon. Yes, by soon I mean soon! It should be done by the latest next tuesday. Why do we have to wait three months again? If we hadn't gotten one while we were here it was looking like we'd have to go to Washington DC to the embassy to get one and that would have been a royal pain in the booty.

So that brings me to the killer swans. They weren't really killer of course, but man are they demanding. We took Nicky to the Damhus Lake and let him feed the swans. OMG he had the BEST time! He was laughing his little head off at them, but I was afraid a few times that he might try to feed them from his fingers and get nipped. He didn't though. We're definitely taking him again soon.


Anonymous said…
No credit cards?! Eeep! I would have been in panic mode myself.

We had a "killer" swan episode in Boston at the Public Garden--eons ago. Nippy little buggers.
Anonymous said…
Chip and pin must be europe-wide then. Didn't know that, LOL

No swans here, but we do have really nasty Canada geese.

Happy Birthday for tomorrow... I think...
Anonymous said…
Jennifer: I was in panic mode! hehe I'm going to call my credit card company when I get home and beg from something that actually works anywhere.

Kim: I think it is Europe wide we are just way behind in financial things like that. I rememeber check cards became the norm wayyy after the rest of the world figured out it was a good idea. Thanks!

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