:( Rejection Sucks

Oh well, I guess I won't be getting a three book deal for my birthday. Just got a rejection from Samhain. I'm off to sulk now. :-(

I am getting pink hair though! I just bought a kit that is guaranteed on even the darkest hair. It's fuchsia. I'm very excited.


*hugs* Lesley... welcome to the rejection club :-)
Me said…
*HUGS* I'll design us some t-shirts, Kim. :-D
Hehehe, there are a few of us with Rs from Samhain. You might be busy, LOL

(I couldn't spell in the last one! LOL)
Oh, hugs, Lesley. No one likes to be rejected.

On to bigger and better, then.
Lish said…
Hope your pinklights turn out ok - salon stylist is definitely not my first calling, but they looked good while the dye was wet - that's gotta count for something, right?!! Maybe I can get a good pic of them :D Love ya babe! *hugs*
Me said…
Thanks, Susan! *hugs* I'm doing some research in to other publishers now.

Lishy: They look faaaaabulous, dahling. Absolutely faaaaabulous! :-D I'll show them to you all dry and beautiful in the morning. Love you too! HUGS
Jenn said…
I can't wait to see your pink hair! Hey, now that I don't work in a snooty office, do they have purple for me? hehehehe

Love you sweety! What's in a daddy warbucks? If we don't go somewhere I can just make you one ;)
Me said…
Jenn: No purple, love. They should have some!


That's the stuff I used. I LURV it!
We are going somewhere tonight. :D Wake up and we'll tell you about it. hehehe

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