Thursday Thirteen #21

13 Things I would Happily Take as Birthday Presents

My Birthday is September 20th, but I'll be gone to Denmark. Holy cow, I'll be gone before next week's Thursday 13, so I doubt very seriously since I'll be in a plane all night that I'll be blogging. That means I'm going to be MIA for about two Thursday 13's! Aww, I'll miss you guys!

Wish me luck, 8 hours in a plane with a two year old, *shudders* I and the other passengers are going to need it!

So here we go! Stuff I'd happily accept as birthday gifts upon my return.

  1. A 3 book contract for my Women of Sithein series.
    They are all written and wrapped up, now I just need someone to love them as much as I do!
  2. This Beautiful Bag from eBags!
    In pink of course!!!
  3. To win the lottery!
    I guess that means I'll have to buy a ticket when I'm in Denmark. hehe
  4. A print of A Little Prince Likely in Time to Bless a Royal Throne.
    I'd take the original, but I don't want to be greedy. ;)
  5. A Well Behaved Women Ring.
    This is somewhat of a slogan of mine.
  6. This adorable pink bike!
    My bike was a whole 60 bucks at walmart and it was worth all 60 of that... I need a good one.
  7. Pink hair.
    Or at least clip in extensions! I've come to the conclusion that I'll never have pink hair until I get old and gray. It just takes too much bleach to lighten these dark brown tresses.
  8. A Pink Daisy Rock Acoustic guitar!
    Can I play a guitar? No, but if I had one I could learn! And even if I didn't wouldn't that look sexy leaned up against my wall???
  9. I can Play Guitar!
    Yes, it's a video game that teaches you to play guitar. Including fingerings! This is everything I wanted Guitar Hero to be!
  10. This beautiful Print!
    Come on it's a mommy fairy and a baby fairy! Who wouldn't love that???
  11. For my son to nap on all the flights to and from Europe!
    Yeah, that'd rock! Nicholai love, that is what you can get me!
  12. A graduated Pearl necklace.
    Actually I'll be inheriting one of these that belonged to my great-grandmother one day, but since I've decided my mommy is going to live forever, I probably better buy my own. ;)
  13. Did I mention the three book deal?
    I'd take that. heheheh
Happy Thursday 13, all!

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Hey, darling! I wish I could give you a three-book deal for your birthday.

Instead, let me leave you with this thought: I have almost black hair. Yet two years ago, we gave it pink highlights. It ROCKED. So did being able to say, "What do you expect from me? I have pink hair!"

Travel safe and good luck with the little one!!! I know how it can be.
Michelle Hasker said…
My birthday is September 19th. We should party in the SU before you leave. My birthday night will be spent at back to school night *ugh

Hope you get that pink hair heheeh and the bike and handbag, heck everything!!
Ann said…
Have a great trip, and a happy birthday while you're gone. :) Good luck traveling with a two year old (and have a safe trip).
Christine d'Abo said…
That three book deal would be yours if I could give it to you! Happy Birthday and have a fantastic trip!
Wishing you a very happy birthday in advance, Lesley! :-D

I loved your TT birthday wishlist with all the interesting links. (Somebody likes pink. LOL)

And I just know you're going to get that publishing deal one day!
amy said…
What an excellent list..I hope you are able to get all of them!
WorksForMom said…
good list and happy birthday too!
Carolan Ivey said…
Have a wonderful trip! I'm sure your little one will do fine.

I LOVE those David Delamare pieces. I wish I could afford one!
Have a great trip with your son! (And crossing fingers on that three-book deal!!)
N.J.Walters said…
Happy Birthday and enjoy your trip! Travel safe and have fun!
Jennifer Shirk said…
Good choices! But I'm a bit iffy on the pick hair. LOL!
Vixen said…
Ohhh, I like that ring! Happy TT and have a great trip. We will miss you too.
Nicole Austin said…
Happy Birthday! I hope you get the book deal. :D
Lisa Andel said…
Pink chunking would be cool.
Three book deal would be better.
The little one sleeping for the flight would be heaven. (and terribly unlikely), but still a nice gift.
Yeah, you usually have to buy a lottery ticket for a chance to win.

Have a good and safe trip.

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