We're Home!

It wasn't bad at all!

*looks to the heavens* Thanks for that!!!

First we went to check in and the guy at the check-in desk told us that "someone" (I'm guessing the woman in Atlanta) made Bryon's a paper ticket and attached an infant in lap to him, but didn't give us a paper ticket... I was like ohhhhh great this is gonna SUCK again! But Alan, who is absolutely wonderful and deserves a raise, fixed it all for us and got us our paper tickets for Bryon and walked them to the gate so we didn't have to stand in line at the information desk.

Nicky slept the first five hours of the nine hour flight. Then was pretty good after that. He did get darn antsy in the last two hours or so, but ,jeez, who wouldn't! Then we got close to Atlanta and, ye gods, they said there was bad weather in the area. I saw a replay of last time running through my mind, but the pilot landed wonderfully despite some ridiculous turbulence.

I have to say there is something BEAUTIFUL about the way the customs and passport checks are done at the Atlanta airport. I've never seen anything go so smoothly. Even when we had to go through the actual customs area, because I checked yes to "Have you handled live animals" and "Are you bringing food." Bryon brought home several bottles of condiments we don't have here, and I loaded up on European chocolate. The animals were because of the goats at the zoo we played with. Yes, neither of those are a great threat to national security, but why lie about them? We got Bryon's shoes decontaminated, and I gave the one sandal Nicky was wearing that day that he didn't lose on the plane to the guy to throw out. No reason to keep it since the other one was lost forever. Of course the food didn't matter at all. They only care about produce and meat and stuff.

So we got to our plane just as they were letting people on and we got on like second. There was a line of 20 planes to take off before us, but that wasn't a big deal. Two kids were flying to see their Daddy in Fort Smith so the flight attendant was taking care of them. Nicky played peek-a-boo with them and talked to them. They were so sweet and had such wonderful manners. A giant way to go to their mom and dad! It's good to know that people still teach their kiddos how to behave in a world where I've seen sooo many misbehaving to an extent that is just disturbing.

We got to XNA fine. One of our bags was missing, and I had to stand in line to do the claim. That wasn't a big deal, but there was an old punk behind me. There was a ground stop on flights out of XNA because of weather somewhere, and apparently the guy behind me was mad because his flight was going to be late. Well while I was waiting there Bryon was trying to keep Nicky happy, and it had been a very long day for him so he was fussing. Okay, at one point he was more than fussing he let loose a scream, but when he did Bryon took him away and calmed him down. Well the punk behind me actually shouted "hush" at my baby. It took all my patience to not turn around and smack him. The guy with him told him to hush though so that was good. Good thing Bryon didn't hear him or there would have been words. I mean you just don't do that. It's not like he'd been standing there letting him scream for five minutes. We'd just walked up. Well anyway, a big old, GROW UP to that old punk! I took great pleasure in the fact that he just had to get the people to get his luggage off the plane because he was SO important and he was just going to drive and couldn't wait an hour, then two minutes later the ground stop lifted and his plane was boarding. *evil giggle*

Nicholai isn't used to the time change yet so we kept me up from 1:30 to 6 this morning. That's okay I got most of the laundry and all the shopping done.

Bryon went and picked up the puppies this morning! Yay! I missed them. I missed the cat too of course, but she was here when we got here and has been cuddling ever since. Fippy, who is a demon puppy, was a perfect angel. He played and was very good despite his bad puppy tendencies. Ninka on the other hand was a baaaaaaaaad puppy. She dug out of the cage every time they put her in it. She even tried it inside! But they kept her safe so that's all good. I'm sorry she was such a pain! There was also a pleasant surprise with the bill. It was 120 less than I thought it'd be! Yay!

So that's the long and short of it! We're home ! We survived! Wooters!


Anonymous said…
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad you're home! I must come see you all today :) I'm having cabin fever, had to work yesterday.

Having lunch, have to figure out what mom's plans are (she has my contacts) and then I'm going to Fayetteville!

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