Castles, Shoping, and Pizza Sandwiches! Oh my!

Today we went into the city. Bryon's parents had to go to Fyn to a funeral so we took Nicky on the Metro. He of course thought it was terribly amusing. We'd already been on it with him once, but this time was just as fun.

We got off at one station and walked through Kongens Have (the King's Gardens) and took pictures in front of Rosenborg Slot. It's the castle where Bryon lived when he was in the Queen's Guard. Well he didn't actually live in it, but in another castle right beside it. If you've ever seen the Prince and I, that's the castle that the royal family supposedly lives in. In truth it's not, Amalienborg is where the family lives, but this castle is much more fairytale-princess-like. The royal jewels are housed there, but we didn't go inside. I've already seen them, Bryon has guarded them, and really I just don't think Nicky would care. :-) He was terribly impressed by the ducks outside in the moat though.

After that we went and had Pizza sandwiches in a restaraunt that was our favorite when we lived here. It had been sold but the recipes were the same. It was yummy!

Then we walked back to the strade, which is a big long street for nothing but people walking that has tons of shops. Pretty soon we had to come home though, because Nicky was getting chilly. It rained on and off all day.

Yesterday we took a boat tour through the canals. That was fun. Nicky liked most of it. He's a big fan of boats, but he did get tired of it after about half an hour and the trip was a whole hour. It could have gone better, but oh well. It was pretty.

Tomorrow is our last full day here. We're flying at 11 Thursday morning. I hope that goes well. I'm going to Roedovre Centrum tomorrow to look at several shops. I hope the new Christmas stuff is out from the company I like which I can't currently remember the name of. They make gorgeous ornaments. We shall see. Well I'm tirrrrred so I'm heading to bed.


Anonymous said…
I miss you mucho! And I want to see your pictures :) :) Glad Nicky is finding little things to keep him amused, hehehe. You'll have to explain the pizza sandwiches...
Anonymous said…
Mmm... pizza sandwiches. Sounds yum.

Have fun shopping!
Anonymous said…
Jenn: Miss you too! You'll have to come by and say hi to the little guy this weekend. I'll explain the sandwhiches they are nummy!

Jennifer: I did! It was lost of fun and I only spent like 3 bucks! LOL OF course I didn't find any of the copenhageny souveniers I wanted but oh well. hehe

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